Lucca with a taste of fine wines

Our itinerary starts with a walk through the historical center of Lucca, one of the most charming towns in Tuscany; we will discover its defensive system and the impressive Renasissance walls which –  perfectly preserved – enclave the whole town, we will stroll through its narrow streets and up to the Roman Amphitheater.

After the taste of a typical snack, a short drive will take us to nearby Montecarlo di Lucca: the village played a strategically important role throughout the 14th century being in the midst of several wars between Lucca, Pisa and Florence.

Here, a light lunch with wine tasting is waiting for you at a beautiful private property, the old customhouse of the Republic of Lucca, where you have the opportunity to experience the most exclusive wines and the most casual ones, locally produced with pride.

In the afternoon, the visit to the nearby Fortress, dating back to 1300, will complete our tour, providing thorough understanding of the defensive system of the town.

This itinerary is ideal for those who discover Lucca for the first time and wish to… add some spirit to their experience!



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