Introducing the way of life of Medieval times and castles

This great educational tour will offer you an overview of how inhabitants lived in the Medieval castles built around Lucca.

It is a true  step back in time which starts with the visit to the well preserved Montecarlo Fortress, Rocca del Cerruglio, a true architectural jewel, located amid hills, in a beautiful landscape. Theater of many historical events, conquests and sieges, the Fortress is privately owned since 1775.

We will continue with the Verrucole Castle situated in the heart of Garfagnana, the historical region of central Italy part of the province of Lucca. The present Renaissance fortress was an impenetrable military garrison of the Dukes of Este in Ferrara-Modena for about 400 years and today, after a major restoration, it is possible to visit the complex thanks to a project of historical re-enactment.

On the way back, a quick stop at the so called Devil’s Bridge (Ponte del Diavolo) will enchant you with a superb, unforgettable view.

This tour is specially indicated for nature lovers and it includes short and not challenging walks.



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