Tuscany and the great food & wine experiences you have dreamed about!

Italy is beautiful, we are telling you. No other country in the world encompasses such a high-intensity of art cites, such a vivid sensitivity to culture, a stunning variety of landscapes, from the alpine peaks to the blue Mediterranean Sea, the Mare Nostrum.

Everybody loves Italy! Because Italy is pure beauty on stage, where every statue, church or palace contributes to an enormous artistic heritage that fills our eyes and enriches our soul.

Because Italy is the history revealing in front of your eyes with the traces of a long and fascinating past.

Because the atmosphere of its cities and its hamlets reminds us of La Dolce Vita, the Italian approach to life.

Because Italians are friendly people, poets and singers, as well as genes and innovators. Because the magic of its diverse traditions fascinates us and makes us forget stereotypes.

There are many reasons to love Italy and even more for loving Tuscany, the region that encloses all the most iconic aspects of our culture. The cradle of our language and a land of beautiful landscapes. in Tuscany you will find the sea, the mountains, the hills, the lakes, the countryside, all in a patch of land, one of the most beautiful and celebrated by visitors from all over the world.

In short, Tuscany is a true brand, synonymous with art and beauty but also with an immense gastronomic tradition. Ancient popular recipes and some of the dishes and products for which Italy is known internationally, belong to Tuscany.
For this reason, the food and wine experiences are among the most fun and sought-after visitors, because they express the very essence of a territory and its people, the authenticity of raw materials combined with the wisdom and expertise of the men who transformed them .

Come and discover our most typical dishes, from the famous Tuscan meats to the goodness of the freshly caught fish, taste with us the famous Chianti wines, the local oil, the cheese, the ice cream!

Buon Appetito!

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