Food & wine, music, parades, arts & crafts...

Numerous events are held in Tuscany all through the year and many concentrate in the spring and in the summer, the busiest seasons. They liven up streets the piazzas that become settings for incredible and entertaining outdoor happenings.

From small sagre, local fairs usually held in the Tuscan villages and related to the celebration of the bounties of the earth with food as the main attraction, to large, popular events already known all over the world such as the Palio di Siena, there is really a lot to choose from and Cruises on The Road in Tuscany will be happy to suggest some of these experiences to be included in your itinerary. 

Attending one of these events, especially those related to historical traditions going back to centuries, is a special opportunity to better get to know the local culture and folklore, and they are truly unforgettable occasions to be shared with the locals.

Medieval costume parades, arts and crafts exhibitions, memorable competitions, religious representations and of course music: summer is the season of music festivals and opera concerts and you can chose from small happenings or international performances that gather together thousands of fans and music lovers coming from all over Italy, such as the Lucca Summer Festival or the Puccini Festival in Torre Del Lago.

Look up at this selection and check if there’s something that inspires you and triggers your imagination.



LUCCA SUMMER FESTIVAL, in Lucca, June and July

PALIO DI SIENA in Siena, July and August

MERCANTIA in Certaldo, July

PUCCINI OPERA FESTIVAL, in Torre Del Lago, July and August